Kitchen scraps into compost!

What is a wormery?

A Wormery is a box system that contains composting worms that love to munch away on kitchen wastes. The bi-products produced consist of worm castings (worm poo or vermicompost) and Leachate (liquid fertilizer) these are excellent feeds for your indoor and outdoor plants.

Worm composting is an easy, convenient, environmentally-friendly and efficient way of turning your waste kitchen scraps into high quality super-rich compost all the year round. The compost, the worms produce, can be mixed into the soil when introducing new plants in the garden, added to houseplants and containers or used a top dressing (mulch).

Does it smell?

A normal wormery should smell earthy. Bad smells arise when to much food (more than the worms can eat) is allowed to rot and becomes Anaerobic (bacteria that doesn’t need oxygen to live).

How long does it take?

Approximately 2.5 months from start to finish. As above this is dependant on the health of your wormery, the amount of worms and the season.

Our new compost and propagation garden

The money for the WormCity came as part of the waste-reduction grant from WRWA – the people who recycle all our waste. In addition, we are constructing a tumbling food composter and have built two cold composters behind the community hall – our composting and propagation garden.


back garden