Greenhouse and Propogation

This year we’re going to start our tomatoes and peppers off really early – to give them enough time to ripen in the summer sunshine and to grow into healthy strong plants to plant out in early summer. Either this weekend or next (probably both) 21st/28th January – I’ll be:

  • insulating the greenhouse at the back of the community hall with corrugated polycarbonate
  • check the irrigation system
  • put in a heater and thermostat
  • sow tomato seed trays

If you want to get involved, get it touch:

I attended a course last year at Regents Park – and can show you their technique for sowing seed trays.

We’ll also plant out the strawberry plants that I saved from last year under cloches in the raised beds.

If you have access to a car – then we’ll beed to pick up a few bags of compost (normal compost and seed sowing compost, along with a bag of vermiculite)



I’ve patched up the greenhouse as much as I can – the plastic has disintegrated, so I’ve reinforced and insulated it with garden Polycarbonate and garden bubble wrap, along with a sturdy frame made out of For Sales signs. I really should have just built a greenhouse from scratch rather than trying to patch up the old one – but we can do that in the summer.

There is now a heater underneath the top right shelf giving heat to the top shelf and the shelf below – along with a long grow light. I’ve planted 3 seed trays so far, but as a test, I will sow seeds every couple of weeks and see which plants are the healthiest. The seeds I’ve planted so far are:

  • Peppers
  • Tomatos
  • Chilis
  • Cauliflower
  • Herbs

I also intend to sow in trays in the greenhouse: Courgettes, Cucumbers.

Someone threw out some large white storage boxes which will be perfect for filling with water and putting in the base of the greenhouse in order to trap and slow-release heat.


Bulbs in Raised Bed

We’ve planted spring flowering bulbs in the front half of the L-shaped raised beds – so please, if you’re planting food, use the long straight run double beds. I’ve put a sign on the garden notice board. Daffodils are poisonous, and apparently look like an edible plant grown in certain hot countries.

List of Jobs

I’ve put a list of jobs on the Garden Notice Board – these are only a suggestion, along with what you can plant in the greenhouse and outdoors in February and March.



Anyone into Permaculture or Aquaponics?

Later on in the spring, if you’re interested in permaculture, then I’d like to turn the raised bed behind the community hall into an aquaponics garden. Have a look at some of the resources online which demonstrates how fish can produce nutrients to feed plants grown without soil.