Adopt a Hanging Basket

This year we’re going to let each block do their own hanging baskets. You will have already seen that Monty has done them on the west side of Chalbury, and around the community hall and on the corner of Glasbury. Jonathan’s refreshed the ones outside his door. So you can have total control of how your baskets will look! The TRA can still organise a day when we all get together to do them together, and bring enough plants for everyone, but you’ll be working on your own entrance (i.e. either side your front door) or your whole building, if you’re up for that. And if you want to add an individual touch, you can bring your own plants, seeds or ask Brian or Monty if they can find a particular plant at the garden centre.

We’ll even have a prize for the best hanging basket!

Last year we won third prize for best community garden (non-food) in Lambeth’s Community Pride Awards, and received £200 in vouchers.

Hanging Basket Planting Day:

Sunday 22 May from 10am-2pm
Taking down the baskets and cleaning them will commence the day before.

Some photos from the day are in our Gallery section: