Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting
Edmundsbury Court Estate TRA

Edmundsbury Community Hall, 171 Ferndale Road, Brixton, London SW9 8FQ
May 9th 2016 7-9pm

Present: [Officers & Councillors] Sally Prentice, Steve Derbyshire, Mark Howarth
[Residents] Jonathan Harbourne, Lynda Penedo, Cherlyn Campbell, Nuno Lopes, Prudence Bejm, Edwin Moteverde, Louise, Dora, Cynthia Russell, Brian Merry, Mark, Monica Omezie, Dan Jenkins, Judith Green, Eric Struel, Christophe Michels, Sue-Ann Samuel, Clive Aird.

Apologies: Cordelia Witton


  1. Chair’s Report

Jonathan commended Cherlyn Campbell on managing the hall rennovations over the past year: plastering, new lighting, decoration, floor sanding and varnishing. Further improvements that are scheduled are internet access and new blinds.

Edmundsbury won 3 Lambeth Community Pride Awards last year: first place for resident of the year, third place for Best Community Garden (non-food) and runner up for Innovation of the Year for the TRA Network. Our hanging basket event, which was very well attended, was our first resident event, and the building of the edible garden and grants for composting came later in the year. The Keep Fit classes were well attended, and our Tai Chi provided a superb class all year, but will close at the end of May due to poor attendance. The Summer Coach trip (organised by Cherlyn) to Southend and our Summer Barbeque was the highlight of our calendar, and very well attended. Last year we had a Christmas Party and a bus trip for the children to attend a Pantomime at Croydon.

Monica started an afterschool club this year at the Community Hall, and has 10 children regularly attend. She is now planning for sustaining the project after the 16 week trial.


  1. Accounts

See accounts page: Accounts


  1. Community Pride

Mark Howarth introduced the Lambeth Community Pride Awards and encouraged everyone to nominate. Steve Derbyshire said that, with TFL funding, bicycle storage units were available for installation on the estate – and we let him know that we have 1 fully subscribed and another one nearly subscribed. He was also asked by Lynda about the possible renovation of the second half of the children’s play area. 


  1. Sally Prentice (our Councillor)

Sally told us how important it is to vote in the forthcoming referendum. She outlined some of the regeneration work happening in Lambeth, including Ferndale Road and the Town Hall. Sue-Ann Samuels asked a question about fuel poverty (Switched On London), and Christophe Michels asked about the road safety under the bridge on Pullross and Ferndale Road – road safety issue concerns cyclists and parents with young children. Monty asked about the 20 mile an hour zone in Lambeth, and how it was enforced.


  1. Changes to the constitution

Jonathan introduced the changed to the constitution – that the main focus of the TRA Committee would be to run the hall, half the money going back into the hall for further improvements, and the other half going into a Community Fund. Any resident who had an idea that would benefit the estate could apply to the Fund, and all residents would vote on which projects get funded at the quarterly Residents Meetings.

A vote was taken, and the result was 13 to 1 in favour of the changes.


  1. Elections

The only nominees were all voted through to become committee members:

Chair             Jonathan Harbourne          Dalbury          Patricia Giles*

Vice Chair     Isaac Peral                         Chalbury         Prudence Bejm

Treasurer      Cherlyn Campbell               Fosbury         Monica Omezie

Secretary       Lynda Penedo                   Exbury           Clive Aird

Caretaker      Dan Jenkins                       Glasbury        Judith Green

*co-opted after the AGM, as no-one stood on the night

Judith Green and Lynda Penedo continue to represent us at the Clapham Area Housing Forum, and since the AGM, Jonathan Harbourne has been elected Vice Chair of the Forum.


  1. Awards

The Community Champion Awards ‘The Edmunds’ for outstanding achievement and contribution to our community 2015/16 went to:

Community   Dan Jenkins             for his work looking after users of the community hall

Fitness         Cherlyn Campbell     for the keep fit classes

Environment Edwin Monteverde   for his hanging baskets

Leadership    Cordelia Witton        for her diligence on the committee

Innovation     Monica Omezie        for the After School Club

Recognition of Lynda Penedo for all her hard work on repairs and dealing with the Council.

If you see any errors in these minutes, please send corrections to jharbourne@mac.com


Photos from the AGM and the AWARDS can be found in our gallery section here: http://edmundsbury.org.uk/gallery/the-edmunds-awards-2016-and-agm/