On Saturday and Sunday the TRA needs YOU to volunteer to help us paint the Blocks.

We are painting the exterior masonry blue paint.

TRA volunteers will attempt to paint the ground floor on Saturday and Sunday 16th & 17th September. We shall be supported by two professional painters who will direct us in how to rub down and clean the areas as well as paint. A jet-wash has been booked for this week for the ground floors.

If you have a balcony, then the TRA can give you the blue paint and instructions (if needed) to do it yourself. If you are unable to paint your balcony by yourself, please let the TRA know, and we’ll put together a booking sheet for people who require assistance – and if we have enough volunteers, we’ll come around and paint your balcony.

We’ve matched the blue paint – so if some people paint their balconies and others don’t – then it won’t stand out as much as if we chose a different colour.

We also have some fire-retardant cream paint for the corridors – not enough to repaint the whole communal areas, but if you have a particularly bad wall or area, we can provide paint or touch it up for you.

We asked the Council if they scheduled painting, and they said there is no longer a percentage of your service charge that goes into regular redecoration. If they painted the flats for us, they would charge us (and their service charges are sometimes more expensive than hiring contractors yourself).

Please – we need as much support as possible to get these flats looking nice. The posters have been up in every block for a month – so everyone has been informed. If you can’t make this weekend, but can do next weekend or the weekend after – then please contact the TRA as we may be able to put another group together. This is something that will benefit everyone, and even an hour or two from everyone will really help.