We’re having our quarterly Residents Meeting in the Community Hall on Monday 6th February 7-9pm, all residents are warmly invited

What would you would like us to talk about? – add your comments to this post.


  • We have new chairs and tables in the hall, which you’ll see, and i hope you agree that they look really smart. The tables are light weight and easier for people to move. The chairs are more comfortable and sturdier.
  • We have wifi – and now a wifi enabled smoke alarm in the kitchen, so if it detects smoke or CO2, Dan will be notified on his mobile phone.
  • The dead tree in the garden has been chopped down, and the outdoor lighting fixed.
  • We’ve planted hundred of spring flowering bulbs donated by Taylors.
  • Dan is doing an Award in Fire Safety Principles on Wednesday – and there are some more courses available for him or others (attached)


I’m waiting to hear about, and have asked for updates by Monday (please see the bottom of the page):

  • Outdoor gym
  • Cycle Storage
  • Gables


We will need to make a decision about:

  • Tree surgeons, I’ll bring the quotes for pruning the trees at the back of Fosbury House. – we chose a supplier and have booked them to prune the trees in March
  • Make a date for planting hanging baskets.
  • AGM is May 8th – we need to encourage people to stand now.
  • A disabled group from Tunstall Road has asked if they can use our hall for a weekly meeting, as Lambeth has withdrawn their funding and venue.
  • If someone wants to make an application for renovation of the children’s play area – then that would be good. – we’re going to have a ‘fundraising and grants’ workshop in the hall during March where people can apply for funding.
  • The charity who provides the homework club has run out of money – so we need to apply for funding or start charging parents – grants are listed here: http://www.londoncf.org.uk/grants/available-grants/lambeth.aspx


Residents have been complaining about:

  • Parking – I’ve been in contact with parking enforcement.
  • There are complaints about excessive noise from 33 Exbury House.
  • Drugs and Smoking in stairs of Exbury House (Nuno attended the quarterly Police Panel Meeting – so we’ll have an update).

Lambeth paid courses relevant to running a community hall – if you would like to attend one, please let me know (only Southwark residents can book with the link on the leaflet)

1st February 2017
Good afternoon Edmundsbury,

We have finalised the plans for the outdoor gyms and set up the necessary financial information for the gym company. We placed our orders last week, and I am expecting a confirmation of the installation start dates this week. The final result of the consultation that we received was 12 for and 2 against the installation.

The procurement process of a contract for cycle storage has been delayed, and the update that I received yesterday from our colleagues in the cycle storage team was that they hope to sort this as soon as possible, but they had hoped to have a new contractor in place by January.

I will let you know more details as soon as I have them, and hopefully I will be able to provide a start date for the gym installation by the end of this week.

Kind regards,


Steven Darbyshire
Estate Pride Project Officer
Lambeth Housing Management
Neighbourhoods and Growth
London Borough of Lambeth

Tel: 07860180981

Email: sdarbyshire@lambeth.gov.uk

My letter to Lambeth following the meeting

Dear Samantha

we had a residents meeting tonight
we didn’t invite officers – as we have an AGM in May (2nd Monday in May) – and that’s the one which is good for councillors and officers to attend.

I did want to give you the feedback though – all has been mentioned before

• The Gables on Glasbury House (and possibly the other 4 blocks) are dangerous – there is no bonding holding the bricks in place, and they are likely to come down in a storm.

• The grills that Richard put in at the tops of the stairs let the wind and rain in – full pelt! In storms, especially at this time of year, water runs downs the stairwells and the metal doors to the roofs make a heck of a din – rattling.

• The guttering are blocked (especially on Fosbury) and need clearing. You don’t need a cherry picker for this – it can be done on the roof.

• Much was said about Exbury House. Nuno gave a report back from the Safer Neighbourhoods quarterly meeting.
– drugs and smoking on stairs by strangers
– urination in the block
– all night parties in flat 33
– grill gates on flats being left open to block the stairwell
I’ve put posters up throughout the block (though they get ripped down almost daily)
I’ve urged people to report each incident to the police and to yourself.
Safer Neighbourhoods team are disappointed that Lambeth are not sending their Anti Social Behaviour team to the panel meetings.

• People are finding that their new smoke alarms and CO2 detectors are going off all the time (including in the middle of the night). Louise at 12 Glasbury House is one case in point. They have not been told if the alarms make 2 different sounds for COs and Smoke. Some alarms are though to be fitted much closer to the cookers that the recommended limit – I’ve Googled this – but can’t seem to find agreement on the distance they should be from cooker.

• Cynthia from 22 Glasbury said that someone came to inspect her damp and mould, and had agreed to come back – but she hasn’t seen them since.

More things we talked about here: http://edmundsbury.org.uk/residents-meeting-6th-february-2017-7-9pm/


Posters put up in Exbury House about Noise, letting in strangers, smoking and how to contact the police.

I’ve written to Building Control – informing them of a ‘Dangerous Structure’ (the cracked gables) – and I get an automated reply back saying they will respond in 20 working days! Can public services really charge £25 for fast tracking??!!!