Join us for our quarterly Residents Meeting of the Edmundsbury Court TRA at the Community Hall.
All Welcome! Please come!
Monday 7pm-9pm 23 July

Officers of Lambeth Council have been invited, along with our local Councillors and Lambeth’s Leaseholders Officer.
The meeting will be led by our new TRA team: Victoria, Esther, Lelia and Cherlyn – please come and support them!

We’ll be discussing:

  1. Parking and Mechanics on the Estate
  2. Gates and CCTV
  3. Noise from Parties
  4. Lambeth’s Leaseholders Bills
  5. Damp and water in flats
  6. Book your space on the Summer Coach Trip!
  7. Volunteer for our annual Summer BBQ

…and more – come along with your questions.

If you want anything added to the agenda – please add your requests to the comments box below.

Come and see our newly renovated community hall – along with a brand new kitchen and flooring!


  1. Parking and Mechanics on the Estate
    Victoria has been working hard to combat the problem of independent motor mechanics using our front guest car-park as their public garage. She has met with Paul Webb and the garage team.
  2. Gates and CCTV
    Samantha said she would produce a consultation leaflet to be put through everyone’s doors to ask what residents opinions were about having gates at the front of the estate, possibly paid for by saving money from the CCTV cameras. This has not happened. Jonathan will draft a leaflet instead, and bring it to the meeting. Victoria said Paul Webb thought it would be difficult to decommission something that is already in place to fund something that isn’t – we’ll look into the facts of this, as we know other estates are requesting CCTV – so if residents can request something it suggests that they could also suggest NOT to have something.
    The facts that we want to present are:
    • Annual Cost of CCTV
    • Amount of evidence presented in court from our CCTV in the last five years
    • Mechanism for Residents to remove a service that they are paying for but do no want (CCTV, if it turns out no evidence has ever been gathered)
    • Process for Residents to request a service (the gates) that they do want
    Residents thinks gates will help solve the following issues
    • Mechanics using our front car park
    • Lambeth Staff parking in our car park
    • Fly Tipping
    • Drug users injecting on our estate and discarding dirty needles
    • Homeless people sleeping behind the hall
    • Defecating
    • Drunk people exiting the Duke of Edinbugh Pub thinking there is a thoroughfare
    • Anti Social Behaviour
    • General Security
  3. Noise from Parties
    There have been some complaints about noisy parties in the community hall. Contrary to assumptions, these have not been external hirers, but residents themselves. I’m sure we’ll talk more about this at the meeting.
  4. Lambeth’s Leaseholders Bills
    We’ve asked Irfan, our councillor, to put in a Member’s Enquiry (ME), a mechanism for getting answers out of Officers – as leaseholders think that they are being presented with bills that are not correct, legal or appropriate.
  5. Damp and water in flats
    Still no movement on the missing cowls on the roof that are meeting in water. The ME has also asked what mechanism we can use to push through repairs that are being ignored.

Here’s the full Member’s Enquiry Request:

Dear Chris Ojo, Lambeth Council Homeowner Services

I understand that Tim, the acting chair of the Edmundsbury Leaseholders Group, has invited you to meet the leaseholders of Edmundsbury Court Estate on any Monday evening at our community hall. I understand that he hasn’t received a reply yet.
We have our next Quarterly Residents Meeting on Monday 23rd July 7-9pm, Edmundsbury Community Hall and warmly invite you to attend.
If not, the original invitation of any Monday evening before August is still open!
There are some common questions that leaseholders are asking – as certain people have been given different information.
1a. In respect the the 2013 intercom replacement bill that Edmundsbury Leaseholders received in November 2017: Works must be invoiced to leaseholders within 18 months of the freeholder incurring the cost. 
• What date did you become contractually required to make payment to the contractor – can you produce the bill?
• Why did you wait 4 years to invoice Leaseholders?
1b. Did you, within the period of 18 months beginning with the date when the relevant costs in question were incurred, notify the leaseholders in writing that those costs had been incurred and that they would subsequently be required under the terms of their lease to contribute to them by the payment of a service charge?
• If you did – can you produce the communication.
2a. Please state which account number is for Major Works, and which account number is for regular annual service charges.
2b. Leaseholders have been accused of not paying their regular annual service charges by Lambeth, because their payments have been diverted into the Major Works Account.
• Have you recently changed these account numbers around? How and when did you communicate this to Leaseholders?
2c. If leaseholders understood that they were paying their regular annual service charge, but because the account numbers were changed, the money has not gone to where they intended:
• What is the process for them to rectify this?
• How long does it take?
• What assurance can you give them that this has been rectified once and for all?
3.  Leaseholders have been accused by Lambeth of not paying previous year’s bills in full. No evidence, invoices or receipts, have been produced for these bills.
• Is this your normal practice?
• Can leaseholders expect details of apparent unpaid bills?
4. If a resident reports a problem with a building – the repair is prioritised but not repaired
• what is the mechanism/action can we take to get the repair done?
(Some simple repairs we reported a couple of years ago, and every quarter since, are causing damage to flats which is incurring more costs to Lambeth).
The Edmundsbury Leaseholders look forward to your answers to all the above questions in a timely fashion, and hope that you can attend either a Leaseholders meeting or our Residents Meeting.

I look forward to attending the The Lambeth Council Homeowners Assembly scheduled for Thursday 5 July 2018 from 6:30pm to 9pm at the Town Hall in Room 1-16.

Many thanks