Please join us for our quarterly residents meeting for tenants, leaseholders and letters.

Here’s the first draft of the agenda – but please add to it by putting comments at the bottom of this page.

The meeting will be chaired by our new vice-chair, Bryony from Glasbury.


Edmundsbury Residents Meeting – Monday 24th July 7-9pm – Community Hall

Chair – Jonathan Harbourne – Glasbury House
Vice chair – Bryony Long – Glasbury House
Treasurer – Cherlyn Campbell – Dalbury House
Secretary – Isaac Peral – Dalbury House
SNT – Nuno Lopes – Glasbury House


  1. Fire Precautions in the hall – survey/inspection Tuesday 18th July.
  2. Hall surveyed, and recommendations went in for new kitchen and windows and larger boiler
  3. Air vents to be fitted – job number raised, inspection made, waiting for contractors.
  4. Shed needs new doors since they were damaged in multiple break-ins.

Events at the Hall

  1. Safeguarding Training for residents working with Children: 29 July or 5 August – contact Kamala to book. Everyone volunteering at the After School Club should attend if possible.

  2. Changes to hire: Guitar guy leaving, Brixton Impact Hub joined (Mondays)


  1. Parking – Council staff have been requested to use Guest Car Park only (that’s the first row).
  2. Motorcycles need to be parked in a car parking bay. We’ve asked for four car park bays to be converted into a motorcycle bay – one on each side. We’re waiting to see if Central Area have budget for painting new lines.

  3. Car Parking on the estate is 24/7. The Council only have the budget to enforce it Mon-Fri 7am-7pm.
  4. We’ve asked for 2 signs to tell people to park in bays and not under people’s windows.
  5. Gates/Railings: We recently had them installed between the hall and Glasbury,
    we’ve now requested that we have the same between Glasbury and Exbury (to stop the drug users).
    Gates were fitted to the bin chambers at the front.
    We’ve suggested that the Nursery Road bin chamber be gated and available to store cycles – with a bar to lock them to.
    Cycles (and anything else on stairs) will receive a 24-hour removal notice shortly.
  6. Gables – JH wrote to Kate Hoey as Lambeth had taken no action. The surveyor who was looking into it left Lambeth. Now Nick is the senior surveyor in charge.
  7. Bicycle Storage – Steven Darbyshire left Lambeth Council
  8. Rats: environmental officer inspected

  9. Lights off on blocks, central Fosbury light has fallen down.


  1. Coach Trip: Margate
  2. BBQ – need an organiser if the BBQ is going to happen this year. New Lambeth rules say no amplified music.
  3. Computer Lessons: no one signed up, so they didn’t go ahead
    and we didn’t get enough sign-ups for the language courses

Grants & Awards

  1. Grant to apply for: Children’s Play Area (new slide)
  2. After School Club – need annual budget to be able to apply for grant.

  3. Blooming Lambeth Awards: didn’t get shortlisted for Best Food Growing and Best Community Garden (flowers), but did for Best Private Garden (Monty).


  1. Fire Precautions: clear corridors: no carpets, vinyl tiles, disused washing machines,
    bicycles, old rolled up carpets
    : everything to be removed. Samantha will do walk-about and put 24-hour removal notices on everything.

  2. Request for locks to all gates at top of stairs to be FB Keys.
  3. Trees behind Fosbury House have been cut down and removed.
  4. Cowls on air vents: still many missing, water pours in when it rains – details been sent to Samantha.

  5. Suggestion: Painting of flats – corridors and outside: Richard left some paint for touching up hallways – this has to be special fire-retardant pain. We want to get the number of the blue paint, and let residents paint their own balconies, with the TRA volunteers painting the ground floor over a dry weekend.



The next Residents Meeting is on Monday 6th November 2017.