This website is built using the software WordPress. WordPress is a ‘content management system’ (CMS) – which means it gives you the power to edit and manage the content. You can register, log in, and then add events, news, pages and photographs. Just like you do on a Facebook page! Just like Facebook – they page styles and templates are all set up, and all you need to do it add your photos and text. And because millions of people use WordPress to build websites, its easy to find a friend or a video on YouTube to show you how its done – you can be up-and-running within minutes. Why no give it a go?


On Saturday 7th June, 2pm-5pm the Lambeth Network will be running a free course on WordPress – from setting editing pages or adding new posts to existing websites, or setting up your own professional website from scratch. Registration for the course will open in May. Visit the website then for more details.

You only have to register once, then log in each time you want to edit the site. You can register and log in using the link on the right under the ‘Meta’ headline. Meta is what WordPress call all the controls. Once we’ve seen you’ve registered, we’ll give your login permission to edit and create new content. If we don’t recognise you (you may not be an Edmundsbury resident) then we won’t allow you to publish until we see you have suitable content.
Once you’re logged in, you get an extra menu bar at the top of this website. Click on “+New” and select ‘Post’ for a news item (what we call ‘blog’) or select ‘Event’ for an event with a set day and time. Fill in the fields with your text and pictures.
There’s so much help in learning WordPress, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Google “first wordpress blog post” – here’s one on the right column > Every site looks different, because each site using a different ‘theme’, but all WordPress sites work in the same way even if they look different.

Watch this video to learn how to edit this website

There’s lots of video on YouTube about WordPress. This one is a good example of how to learn to create a new Post (news article or blog), add a photo and format it – and then Publish.